EQ Maps: my new Flutter app

In this post, I will explain how I developed my new app: EQ Maps.

I am excited to announce that I’ve just published my very first Flutter app on both Android and Apple platforms. It is called “EQ Maps”, and it’s the first geolocation app created for equestrian professionals. With EQ Maps, I wanted to create the first equestrian global map to help this sport and community grow online.

I developed this app during the past 3 months with Flutter, Firebase for the backend (Firestore, Authentication and Storage), and both the Google Maps and Google Places APIs.

Some details that I want to mention about the implementation are the following ones:

  • Service_Locator: I used this library to enable dependency injection between the services and the widgets of the app.
  • i18n_extension: the library I used for enabling internationalization in the app.
  • Markers: to add custom icons to the app’s markers, I had to use AssetImages and customize the marker’s icon.
  • flutter_cache_manager: I added a mobile cache to minimize the number of calls to the Google Maps API and make the app a more efficient one, storing the markers of the app in the mobile memory.
  • UUID: I used this library to create random IDs for the documents stored in Firestore.


I definitely loved the process and enjoyed so much learning Flutter and provide something new to my favourite sport.

I will be looking to develop more complex apps in the future with the knowledge gained here! 😀

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